The Three Major Galaxies

Some textual scholars[who?] regard the passages referring to The Three and The Thirty as having come from either a source distinct to the main sources in the Books of Samuel, or being otherwise out of place. Since parts of the text have distinct stylistic differences from other portions—appearing as a list, as a series of character introductions, or as a flowing narrative—Some[who?] suspect that the passages may themselves be compiled from multiple source documents. Further, as 2 Samuel 23:23–24 reads “. . . David put him in command of his bodyguard. Asahel, brother of Joab. Among the thirty were. . . “, the text is regarded as corrupted, and the middle of verse 23:24 (between the words Joab and Among) is generally presumed to have been lost [page needed] (some translations move Among the thirty were to be before Asahel, which smooths over the issue).

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