Planets Aligned Wallpaper

Eighteen new 2009 episodes were ordered by CTV and CBS—the original 13 ordered by CTV on August 25, 2008, plus five additional episodes that were ordered on November 19, 2008. The first nine of these new episodes, combined with the four holdover episodes from 2008 were aired as Season 2 in North America. The remaining nine episodes, although originally filmed for Season 2, were aired as “Season 3” beginning September 25, 2009, in Canada on CTV; however, CTV later corrected their online episode guide to report the seasons as produced rather than initially aired. The correction also holds for the DVD releases of “Season 2, Volume 1” and “Season 2, Volume 2”. The last nine episodes of Season 2 began airing on June 4, 2010, in the United States on CBS and were shown in a different order from their original broadcast on CTV. CBS, however, erroneously refers to these episodes as “Season 3”. A 13-episode third season was produced in Toronto from January to May 2010 and began airing in July 2010 on both CTV and CBS.

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