Mars 1 Mission to Mars

Mars 1 was a modified Venera-type spacecraft in the shape of a cylinder 3. 3 m (11 ft) long and 1 m (3. 3 ft) in diameter. The spacecraft measured 4 m (13 ft) across with the solar panels and radiators deployed. The cylinder was divided into two compartments. The upper 2. 7 m (8. 9 ft), the orbital module, contained guidance and on-board propulsion systems. The experiment module, containing the scientific instrumentation, comprised the bottom 0. 6 m (2. 0 ft) of the cylinder. A 1. 7 m (5. 6 ft) parabolic high gain antenna was used for communication, along with an omnidirectional antenna and a semi-directional antenna. Power was supplied by two solar panel wings with a total area of 2. 6 m2 (28 sq ft) affixed to opposite sides of the spacecraft. Power was stored in a 42 ampere-hour cadmium-nickel battery.

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