Famous Women Astronauts

Boccaccio’s collection of female biographies inspired characters in Christine de Pizan’s The Book of the City of Ladies (1405) In the early part of the 15th century Antonio di S. Lupidio made a volgare translation and Laurent de Premierfait published it in French as Des cleres et nobles femmes. [citation needed] Boccaccio’s biographies also inspired Alvaro de Luna’s De las virtuosas y claras mujeres, Thomas Elyot’s Defence of Good Women, Alonso of Cartagena’s De las mujeres ilustres, Giovanni Sabbadino degli Arienti’s Gynevera de la clare donne, Iacopo Filippo Forest’s De plurimis claris selectisque mulierbus and Jean Lemaire’s Couronne margaritique. In England, and various works by Edmund Spenser used Boccaccio’s De Mulieribus Claris as inspiration and the famous women influenced Geoffrey Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women and The Canterbury Tales(1387-1400). In the beginning of the 16th century a Henry Parker translated about half into English and dedicated it to Henry VIII. In the 16th century of new Italian translations by Luca Antonio Ridolfi and Giuseppe Betussi were published. [citation needed]

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