Craig Ferguson Red Dwarf

After a nerve-wracking first appearance, he decided to create a character that he described as a “parody of all the ├╝ber-patriotic native folk singers who seemed to infect every public performance in Scotland”. The character was named “Bing Hitler” by Capaldi. Ferguson first performed as the character in Glasgow, and he later became a hit at the 1986 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. However, by the end of the year, Ferguson was already discussing his intention to retire Bing. At the press launch for an alternative pantomime of Sleeping Beauty (which he had co-written with Capaldi), he said “you can’t write for just one character forever”. A recording of his stage act as Bing Hitler was made at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre and released in the 1980s; a Bing Hitler monologue (“A Lecture for Burns Night”) appears on the compilation cassette Honey at the Core. [citation needed]

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