Comet ISON Hubble Viewer

During routine observations on 21 November 2012, Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok monitored areas of Gemini and Cancer after their observations were delayed by clouded weather for much of the night. The team used ISON’s 0. 4-meter (16¬†in) reflector near Kislovodsk, Russia, and CCD imaging to carry out their observations. Shortly after their session, Nevski processed data using CoLiTec, an automated asteroid discovery software program. In analysis he noted an unusually bright object with slow apparent movement, indicating a position outside the orbit of Jupiter based on the use of four 100-second CCD¬†exposures. At the time of discovery, the object’s apparent magnitude ranged from 19. 1 to as bright as 18. 8. [a]

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