1960 NASA Mark From Word space race powerpoint historymartinez39s blog Mark NASA 1960 From Word

1960 NASA Mark From Word space race powerpoint historymartinez39s blog Mark NASA 1960 From Word
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1960 NASA Mark From Word

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Aside from the monthly phases of the moon, there is also a daily lunar effect on fish feeding habits. Moonrise and moonset appear to be very good times to go fishing, if other factors like the weather are cooperative. Studies show that fish are more active 90 minutes before and after either the moonrise or moonset. Given this, you now know when is a good time to go fishing, provided it fits your schedule!

It makes sense, then, that the most potent example of astrological synastry (harmony between two birth charts) involves contact between one person's Sun and the other person's Moon, or contact between the two Moons. Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss Psychologist, famously conducted a 'marriage experiment' in which he studied the birth charts of over 500 couples. What he found was an unmistakable trend of Sun-Moon contact between partners. To most astrologers, this came as no surprise-it has long been understood that when one person's Moon hits another person's chart in a significant way, there exists a strong possibility of lasting and meaningful romance.

But there is an important difference. On our own planet, lakes and seas are flowing with water, while Titan's lakes and seas are filled primarily with methane and ethane, that slosh around within these liquid reservoirs. In this never-before-seen cycle, the hydrocarbon molecules evaporate and condense into clouds that send an exotic "rain of terror" back down to this strange moon-world's carbon-slashed surface.

Since its discovery centuries ago, Ganymede has been the target of a great deal of well-deserved attention from the planetary science community. Earth-bound telescopes have gazed at Ganymede's puzzling, icy surface and, in later decades, flyby space missions and spacecraft, circling around Jupiter, have scrutinized Ganymede--trying to solve its numerous mysteries. These observations ultimately unveiled a complicated, icy moon-world, whose bizarre surface showed a strange and puzzling contrast between its two main types of terrain: the dark, extremely ancient and heavily cratered surface terrain, and the much younger--but still ancient--lighter terrain showing a vast array of mysterious grooves and ridges.

GRAIL's main and extended science missions generated the highest resolution gravity field map of any celestial body. The map will provide a better scientific understanding of how our planet and other rocky planets in our Sun's family were born and later evolved.

The fact that Enceladus becomes so extremely distorted suggests that it contains quite a bit of water. A watery moon would, of course, be a flexible one. Therefore, for Enceladus to be as flexible as it apparently is, it must hold either an enormous local ocean or one that is global. Parts of that immense ocean may be pleasantly warm--but other portions might be quite hot.

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